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[Fic] of slips and slides

Prompt: Based on this comic

Author: Anon

Fill: Here

Warning: Some nsfw language but nothing actually happens

[Fic] You’re not a meatshield damnit!

Prompt: Wally is fast enough to keep his friends from getting hurt and because of his accelerated healing he doesn’t think much about all the damage his body goes through (which is actually a lot and half the time serious). The team notices, and it NOT amused. 

Author: Seraphic_Blast

Fill: Here

[Fic Update] How We Dream - Part 1

Prompt: (Full prompt here)"Rob…I…all of this…it isn’t real. Your family, they…died that night." "…I know." …Babs has gone missing, which is just wonderful for Dick, so close to the anniversary of his family’s deaths. But during his search for her, he finds himself forced into a reality he may not want – or be able to – leave

Author: Joyfulldreams

Fill: Entire thread here, updated (1a) (1b) (1c) (1d) (1e) (1f) (1g) (1h) (1i)

Some notes

Uh, so , I JUST realized I typed Artemis’s last name as Crook not Crock but now I fixed it oops. 

Also sorry I haven’t been updating this for a while, some fics I just couldn’t really read because it squicks me horribly, but I feel obligated to tag posts well and it was very conflicting but I’m just going to say screw it and work on my scan-reading. Sorry if I mistag some stuff nsfw or whatever, but for my sanity I really really cannot read everything

Now I’m going to spam you with the 200+ emails of updates I’m getting prepare yourselves

[Fic Update] Before the Dawn (Birdflash) - Part 43 to 44

Prompt: Robin gets captured and tortured during a mission, and everyone must deal with the aftermath of what has happened when they find him.

Author: Meowfu


Entire thread here, updated sections (43a) (43b) (43c) (43d) (43e) (43f) (43g) (44a) (44b) (44c) (44d) (44e) (44f) (44g) (44h) (44i) (44j

Warnings: Suicide, rape, torture, etc (if you want to avoid the torture part, author!anon has listed the chapters where it occurs below). 

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[MiniFic] Better Plan Next Time

Prompt: The team (Kaldur, Artemis, KF, Robin, Miss M, Superboy, Rocket and Zatanna) are watching TV when a news report about a kidnapping appears. The team are fine; the cops’ll handle it right? Then they see the kid was Billy Batson. Cue team going batshit crazy on the kidnappers and them finding scared!Billy. Which causes overprotective!team.

Author: Anon
Fill: Here
[Fic Update] Here’s Something You Don’t See Everyday (Birdflash) - Parts 1 to 8

Prompt: One day at school, Wally West (age 15) comes across little (female) Robin Grayson (13). They start to get to know each other, despite their two year age difference, and eventually become good friends. 

However, later on, he realizes he’s in love with this girl and tries to confess his feelings to her. Robin doesn’t know how to react or answer. Little did Wally know that Robin was actually a guy by the name of Dick Grayson. 

Eventually, Wally finds out and now has to deal with the fact that he’s been crushing on a guy for the past how many months or years or so.

Author: Anon

Fill: Here

[Fic Update] A Minor Situation (Birdflash) - Part 30

Prompt: Gotham Academy is attacked and its students are taken hostage, Dick’s team meets the batfamily while trying to resolve the situation undercover.

Author: hinn_raven

Fill: Entire thread Here or (Part 30)

[Fic Update] With Proper Motivation - Chapter 5

Prompt: Here


Title: With Proper Motivation
Rating: T
Characters: Robin-centric, but with bits of everyone
Pairings: N/A, gen-fic
Summary: Mr. Freeze realizes that there’s a much easier way to find the cure to his wife’s terminal illness: inject Robin with the same disease and let Batman do the work for him. After all, the dark knight can supposedly do anything with the proper motivation.

(Chapter 5: “Perhaps “boy wonder” is a fitting name for this foreigner after all.)

[Fic Update] Runaway Child - Part 18

Prompt: Wally wasn’t born wally west but in foster care. He’s moved from abusive foster home to abusive foster home until he was twelve and moves in with mary and rudolph west, he’s been staying with them for over three years, and even calls them mom, dad, uncle barry and aunt iris, theyre the family he never had.

Life has never been better, he has a family, he’s a superhero (in training) and is on a superhero team, but he still has his problems he guards his possetions because he’s not used to having so many, and he has a temper, he’s a nice guy but when you get him angry he snaps, that’s what happens. He’s at school one day and finally one of the bullies push him and he snaps getting in a fight. Now he has to move because his casemanager says if he gets in another fight he’ll be placed in a group home until he turns eighteen. He’s heartbroken and refuses to move, so he runs away.

Author: thingamawhatsit

Fill: Entire thread here, updated (Part 18)

Trigger warnings: Mentions of abuse